Learn English the Victionary way!

Do you find learning, memorizing and retaining new words an impossible
task? Don’t worry you are not alone! Most people find it hard to learn new
words effectively that’s why we created Victionary, a fun and effective way
to learn the English Language.
Victionary uses scientifically backed methodology that helps you learn,
comprehend and retain words faster and more efficiently. It is perfect for
anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary in a limited period of time!
It uses audio –visual techniques to help users visualize the word while
learning how to pronounce it. Once the word is learnt, Victionary’s
in-built training feature that includes games, quizzes and spelling tests
will ensure that the user not only learns but also memorizes new words.
This app is suitable for all ages and is especially beneficial for students
appearing for competitive exams such as SAT, GRE, GMAT etc and also for
Immigration exams such as IELTS, TOEFL etc


•       Visual Dictionary – a dictionary with pictures/images to help
users visualize the word for better comprehension
•       Audio/pronunciation – users will not only learn the definition of
a word but also how  to pronounce them the right way.
•       Flash cards-  users can create customized flash cards with images
suited to their learning needs
•       Word Lists- the app contains customized word lists for specific
needs for verbal/vocabulary based exams like SATs, GRE, GMAT and
immigration exams.
•       Training Features- users will be able to access training
methodology that will help them improve their English vocabulary faster and
more efficiently
•       Quizzes- Specific quizzes and games which are built to help users
learn and retain words while having fun!
•       Spell- Fun tests built around word lists to ensure users learn and
memorize the word effectively and spell them the right way.