Word Of The Year

Word Of The Year

Communication is an integral part of our lives, it is what makes us humans special and a very big part of Communications is of course our Vocabulary. Using the right words at the right time is a skill that most of us strive to develop. With the advent of the internet and in turn social media, Communication has taken a course of its own. Expressing one’s thoughts instantly and communicating to the world is now a reality and of course we use words to do so. And even though we use many words to do so, it is often observed that there is a similar and repetitive pattern to it the world over.
This is why some of the world’s major dictionaries come up with the word of the year. This word sums up the emotions, moods and general happenings of the world in one single word. The candidates for the word are gathered by a large group of linguists and language researchers from various disciplines like newspapers, news, social media, blogs, books and transcripts of spoken English. The selected words are then judged by the Dictionary teams and evaluated under various parameters before the word of the year is selected. This word is then released at the end of each year.
2016 was a tough one for both the world and the dictionaries. With the chaos, destruction, bizarre and unbelievable events, it has been the toughest year yet for the world and an indicator of things to come. With a year like that, it is a tough job to come up with one single word that aptly resonates with the general mood of the communicating world. But the dictionaries made their decision and the words they chose are, ‘surreal ( by Mirriam Webster ) and Post-truth (by Oxford)’.
Words that aptly define the world in 2016.  Surreal by definition means unreal, bizarre and dream like. It was used and looked up during various events that were both surprising and tragic. The usage peaked during incidents like the shooting at the Orlando club, the Syrian Crisis and the death of the superstar , ‘Prince’. While post-truth denotes situations where objective factors play a lesser role in shaping public opinion than appeals to the emotion and was looked up and used especially in regards to the BREXIT poll and Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections.
As the New Year has begun, we at Victionary sincerely hope that 2017 will have a better set of words that will be chosen to describe this year. But till then we are definitely going to be around to help you develop a better vocabulary through our app to define and express yourselves on the various outlets available.

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